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Updated: April 10,2000

Almost Midnight-Brandon D. Ray--182K--PG-13
Fox Mulder and Tara Scully team up to solve a mutual problem, and find themselves swept up in an X-File.

Shapes of Life-Frances Hayman--53K--PG
Triangle post episode. Skinner and the Gunmen vow to help Scully with Mulder, but how much help are they, really?

Mulder’s Pot of Gold-Doriane Scott--68K--PG-13
Is it really Leprechauns robbing New York? Or can it be something even more unbelievable? (this is not a comedy piece)

Fugitive-Danielle Culverson--55K--PG
A car accident in which he loses his memory causes a crisis of conscience for Mulder.

Tempest(1/2)-Missy Pennington--137K--R
Mulder and Scully survive a plane crash to find themselves injured and stranded in the Appalachian wilderness.

Lovely Warm Thoughts--58K--PG-13
One of Mulder's most frightening foes returns to torture Mulder some more, because it's the thing he likes to do best, and because he can.

Born on the Bayou-Laurie D. Haynes--53K--R
Mulder and Scully are sent to Southwest Louisiana to help on some murder/dismemberment cases. But it's an X-File, too, because rumor is it might be the work of the legendary cat people, who live in the swampland forests of the area.
Preserve the Future-Laurie D. Haynes--33K--PG
A fill-in-the-blank story running from the hallway scene to the very end of the movie. Mulder torture, of course. Scully torture thrown in free.

Thunder in the Air(1/2)-Tasha Abrams--78K--R
Thunder in the Air(2/2)--75K
Released back into society, Monty Propps begins a campaign of violence against the man responsible for imprisoning him. But when they begin their investigation, a new threat arises against Mulder and Scully. Sometimes, the faceless monster isn't the only one you should fear.

Death Will Be Our Darling(1/5)-Deborah Goldstein--105K
Death Will Be Our Darling(2/5)--109K
Death Will Be Our Darling(3/5)--97K
Death Will Be Our Darling(4/5)--107K
Death Will Be Our Darling(5/5)--110K--Rating 10
Mulder gets carjacked, and after recovering enough to go back to temporary desk work doing profiles, finds out he's better than ever--which has it's own problems--and that certain people don't appreciate that.
1998 Award:Best Medical MulderTorture Story(VINTAGE).

What =Really= Happened II: Demons Aftermath-Deborah Goldstein--55K--Rating 8
The title says it all, but the ending is up for grabs. _Not_ a sequel to "What =Really= Happened I".

What =Really= Happened II Revisited-Deborah Goldstein--68K--Rating 7
This is "What =Really= Happened II--Demons Aftermath" with a different ending. This version is NOT a death story. In fact, it has a rather happy ending, although probably not what you were expecting. This is _not_ a sequel to "What =Really= Happened I".

Abraham and Issac-Vickie Moseley--70K--Rating 6
Mulder's severe head injury shakes loose some memories about his father and his part in the conspiracy.
1998 Award:Best Short Story (VINTAGE).

Breath of HeavenVickie Moseley--47K--Rating 6
A Christmas miracle, and the promise of another yet to come. Just so no one is offended, Christian overtones.

The Fight-Vickie Moseley--33K--Rating 4
When Mulder loses his memory after a fight with Scully, does she really want him to remember what happened?

Moving On-Vickie Moseley--31K--Rating 3
Mulder has to clean out his father's house and gets an unexpected visit.

A Multitude of Heavenly Hosts-Vickie Moseley--119K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully encounter their Guardian Angels and the conspiracy gets mixed up in there, too.

People Are Strange-Vickie Moseley--33K--PG-13
Mulder, Scully, and the Doors. But it's not your normal song fic.

Something to Remember-Vickie Moseley--51K--Rating 6
Mulder is the only person who can tell Skinner where to find Scully--but he can't remember anything about his life.

Stitches in Time-Vickie Moseley--48K--Rating 6
Third person observation of Mulder's gunshot wound and hospital stay.
1998 Award:Best First Person Story(CURRENT).

Unto Which of the Angels-Vickie Moseley--76K--Rating 6
Christmas story. Mulder has to deal with angels.

Bokor Holiday-Cheryl Cohen--44K--Rating 123
Mulder takes it upon himself to save Scully from a voodoo curse,but ends up needing saving himself.

Ravages of Spirit-Invisigoth Too--NC-17(UNFINISHED)
This is the first part in a series that deals with Mulder's recovery from a RAPE.

Follow The Leader-Jo-Ann Lassiter--98K--PG-13
When an informant offers Skinner a piece of vital information that must be obtained at any cost, the X-Files agents strive to prevent that cost being the AD's life.

A Step Out Of Time-Jo-Ann Lassiter--179K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully travel to Boston to assist the local field office with a series of murders, and to work with one of Mulder's former colleagues from the VCS. While there, Mulder encounters an agent he knew from Quantico--and before--and whose favorite sport is Spooky-bashing. Mulder and Scully, meanwhile, try valiantly to retain their emotional distance even while they're being drawn closer together.