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Updated: October 26,1999

Pain in the Night-dee_ayy--35K--PG-13
Scully and Mulder make a late-night trip to the ER thanks to one of Mulder's recurring injuries.

Shouldering Responsibility (1/2)-dee_ayy--65K--PG-13
Shouldering Responsibility (2/2)--60K
A followup to PAIN IN THE NIGHT, but you should be able to follow this without having read that. Mulder is forced into elective shoulder surgery, and tries to take it like a man.

Shouldering the Blame(1/2)-dee_ayy--59K--PG-13
Shouldering the Blame (2/2)--52K
The further adventures of Mulder as he recovers from shoulder surgery--at the Scully's, with Bill in attendence. Followup to "Shouldering Responsibility."

Thunder in the Air(1/2)-Tasha Abrams--78K--R
Thunder in the Air(2/2)--75K
Released back into society, Monty Propps begins a campaign of violence against the man responsible for imprisoning him. But when they begin their investigation, a new threat arises against Mulder and Scully. Sometimes, the faceless monster isn't the only one you should fear.

Broken Fingers, Mended Hearts-Vickie Moseley--20K--Rating 5
Fill in the commercial blank from Pine Bluff Variant. Scully confronts Mulder and fixes his broken finger.
1998 Award:Best Short Short Story (CURRENT).

The Fight-Vickie Moseley--33K--Rating 4
When Mulder loses his memory after a fight with Scully, does she really want him to remember what happened?

How To Cure A Bad Patient-Vickie Moseley--69K--Rating 7
Mulder's a horrible patient, Scully's beside herself trying to help him recover and get her work done, but maybe Maggie can help them both.
1998 Award:Best Humor Story(CURRENT).

The Road More Travelled-Vickie Moseley--13K--Rating 5
Scully runs into an old friend and catches a glimpse of what she might have missed.

Ravages of Spirit-Invisigoth Too--NC-17(UNFINISHED)
This is the first part in a series that deals with Mulder's recovery from a RAPE.