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Updated: July 1,1999

Ghost Pencils in the Sky-Vickie Moseley--15K--Rating 4
How did Scully and Mulder get alllllllll those pencils down from the ceiling? Post episode story from "Chinga".

A Multitude of Heavenly Hosts-Vickie Moseley--119K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully encounter their Guardian Angels and the conspiracy gets mixed up in there, too.

Forgotten Souls-Cheryl Cohen--80K--Rating 123
This story started the Dr.Jay mystery that is continued in Devil's Advocate and Sanctuary.Tell Cheryl we want more Dr.Jay stories.

Mulder and the Stinking,Rotten,Terrible,Horrible,No Good,Very Bad Day-Cheryl Cohen
--25K--Rating 123
Mulder experiences a definite low. This one does poke fun at MulderTorture and is a definite because it is so funny. 1998 Award:Best Humor (VINTAGE).