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Updated: July 1,1999

What =Really= Happened II: Demons Aftermath-Deborah Goldstein--55K--Rating 8
The title says it all, but the ending is up for grabs. _Not_ a sequel to "What =Really= Happened I".

What =Really= Happened II Revisited-Deborah Goldstein--68K--Rating 7
This is "What =Really= Happened II--Demons Aftermath" with a different ending. This version is NOT a death story. In fact, it has a rather happy ending, although probably not what you were expecting. This is _not_ a sequel to "What =Really= Happened I".

Demons in the Light of Day-Vickie Moseley--11K--Rating 4
What happened between Mulder collapsing and Scully typing at the end of the episode "Demons".

Letting the Demons Go-Vickie Moseley--84K--Rating 7
What happened from the time of Scully's phone call on Friday to the time Mulder wakes up on Sunday and beyond.

Letting the Demons Go: Salvation-Vickie Moseley--43K--Rating 7
Demons aftermath as told by Scully.