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Updated: October 26,1999

Picking Up the Pieces-Rachel Vagts--80K--R
Mulder and Scully's weekend get away on the Appalachian Trail turns tragic, challenging everything about them including their relationship and their very existence.

Pieced Together-Rachel Vagts--50K--R
After their marriage Mulder and Scully face new challenges as they try to start a family. This is a sequel to "Picking up the Pieces."

Bird in the Hand-Rachel Vagts--61K--R
Mulder struggles to decide if dealing with the devil is worth the price. This is a sequel to "Picking up the Pieces." and "Pieced Together."

Whiter Shade of Pale -Vickie Moseley--21K--Rating 4
Mulder deals with paralysis while Scully deals with the case.