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Updated: July 1,1999

Follies of the Mind-Vickie Moseley--38K--Rating 7
1998 Award:1998 Award:Best Episode Fiction(CURRENT).

Follies of the Mind II: Scully's Thoughts-Vickie Moseley--31K--Rating 5
Follies of the Mind III: Mulder's Thoughts-Vickie Moseley--34K--Rating 6
Follies of the Mind IV: Epilogue-Vickie Moseley--19K--Rating 5
Fill in the blanks of "Follie a Deux".

Giving Thanks-Vickie Moseley--14K--Rating 6
Just a little Thanksgiving Story.

Ruminations on Ice-Vickie Moseley--29K--Rating 5
Fill in the blank story about what happened between sitting next to the ice crater and talking to Agent What's Her Face in DC.