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Updated: April 16,2000

Patient 5A-Glymax--92K--PG
A third-party view of an unfolding X-File.

Virago- Darkstryder--4K--PG
The truth hurts, baby.

Death Will Be Our Darling(1/5)-Deborah Goldstein--105K
Death Will Be Our Darling(2/5)--109K
Death Will Be Our Darling(3/5)--97K
Death Will Be Our Darling(4/5)--107K
Death Will Be Our Darling(5/5)--110K--Rating 10
Mulder gets carjacked, and after recovering enough to go back to temporary desk work doing profiles, finds out he's better than ever--which has it's own problems--and that certain people don't appreciate that.
1998 Award:Best Medical MulderTorture Story(VINTAGE).

What =Really= Happened--Deborah Goldstein--15K--Rating 7
The real end to "Beyond the Sea", not the typical TV sweetness and light that we saw. This is based on the background line "A through-and-through to the upper femur" during the scene in the ER.

What =Really= Happened II: Demons Aftermath-Deborah Goldstein--55K--Rating 8
The title says it all, but the ending is up for grabs. _Not_ a sequel to "What =Really= Happened I".

What =Really= Happened II Revisited-Deborah Goldstein--68K--Rating 7
This is "What =Really= Happened II--Demons Aftermath" with a different ending. This version is NOT a death story. In fact, it has a rather happy ending, although probably not what you were expecting. This is _not_ a sequel to "What =Really= Happened I".

Crying Towel-Vickie Moseley--25K--Rating 5
Sometimes all you need is a good cry with a friend.

Face of Madness-Vickie Moseley--76K--Rating 8
Followup to the ending of "Grotesque".

Guilty as Charged (1/2)-Vickie Moseley--95K
Guilty as Charged (2/2)--97K--Rating 7
Mulder faces his worst nightmare and it's up to Scully to wake him up in time.

I Want To Believe-Vickie Moseley--17K--Rating 6
Fill in the Blank for 'One Son'. Scully, the Gunmen, a bottle of tequila and only one lime.
The truth is out there or rather, in here.

In The Darkness Comes A Light-Vickie Moseley--92K--Rating 7
Mulder keeps everything bottled up inside him a little too long and Scully has to
give him the faith he's lacking.
1998 Award:1998 Award:Best Long Story(CURRENT).

The Temp-Vickie Moseley--41K--Rating 5
Mulder's attempt to function during Scully's absence as seen through the eyes of a temporary secretary.

Working Our Way Forward -Vickie Moseley--20K--Rating 4
Fill in the blank for One Son.

Ravages of Spirit-Invisigoth Too--NC-17(UNFINISHED)
This is the first part in a series that deals with Mulder's recovery from a RAPE.