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Updated: July 6,2000

The Kidnapping-Josie Marchant--58K--NC-17
Mulder is kidnapped during an investigation and it's up to Scully to save him.

Not For Everybody: hard to read due to a weird take on mind- reading, and a few (mangled) naughty words.

Automaton has left the Building, The-Parker, G.A.--44K--PG
A vulnerable Mulder's thoughts in Fight the Future, after Scully announces her impending resignation.

All That Serial Killers Are Made Of-tyger 1013--18K--R
Despite Mulder's background and his tendency to get lost in the minds of killers, he has never lost his mind and become murderous?until now.

Living Dead-Max Fenig42--7K--PG-13
How would Mulder react if Scully died?

The Long, Twilight Struggle-Darkstryder--13K--R
Pure Mulderangst. REVISED! I hope this one's better. The end's been completely redone.

Bill Scully muses during Emily's funeral.

I Know-dee_ayy--72K--PG-13
A third person recounts her experiences helping Dana and Fox come to terms with Dana's cancer. Written in journal form.

Macho Man--63K--PG-13
Mulder faces a new crisis; one that he's not too sure he won't have to face alone.

George Jacobs Elementary School--96K--PG-13
Mulder is called in on a case for his expertise on alien abductions and hostage negotiation, while Scully is called in for her expertise in keeping Mulder sane.

Lovely Warm Thoughts--58K--PG-13
One of Mulder's most frightening foes returns to torture Mulder some more, because it's the thing he likes to do best, and because he can.

Familiar Faces--54K--PG-13
Mulder sees what appears to be familiar faces from his past, and has to deal with the pain of living through those difficult times all over again.

Guilty as Charged (1/2)-Vickie Moseley--95K
Guilty as Charged (2/2)--97K--Rating 7
Mulder faces his worst nightmare and it's up to Scully to wake him up in time.

Code of Silence-Cheryl Cohen--44K--Rating 6
Scully tricks Mulder into agreeing to participate in hypnotherapy to help him with his insomnia and some recurring nightmares.

Follow The Leader-Jo-Ann Lassiter--98K--PG-13
When an informant offers Skinner a piece of vital information that must be obtained at any cost, the X-Files agents strive to prevent that cost being the AD's life.