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Updated: July 6,2000

Surviving the News-Vickie Moseley--41K--PG
Post ep for Redux II. By my count, Mulder didn't sleep or eat during the time he left Scully for Canada until he told Skinner the news of her remission. That's enough to make anyone pass out. As seen through Maggie's eyes.

Follies of the Mind-Vickie Moseley--38K--Rating 7
1998 Award:1998 Award:Best Episode Fiction(CURRENT).

Follies of the Mind II: Scully's Thoughts-Vickie Moseley--31K--Rating 5
Follies of the Mind III: Mulder's Thoughts-Vickie Moseley--34K--Rating 6
Follies of the Mind IV: Epilogue-Vickie Moseley--19K--Rating 5
Fill in the blanks of "Follie a Deux".

Giving Thanks-Vickie Moseley--14K--Rating 6
Just a little Thanksgiving Story.

Ruminations on Ice-Vickie Moseley--29K--Rating 5
Fill in the blank story about what happened between sitting next to the ice crater and talking to Agent What's Her Face in DC.